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2017 Intros

This year we are introducing 6 new daylilies to the market we hope you will enjoy them. 2016 was an interesting year in the world of daylilies for us with little to no rain, a rather slow start to the season and some pretty hot weather and cooler nights. That being said our six introductions weathered it all and strutted their stuff.

We are again offering collection Pricing this year (no bonus with collections):

Buy all 6 introductions for $575
Patterned Beauties $375 (Never Said Goodbye, The Lost Boys, Lynette Kirton)

Speedo Wardrobe Malfunction

Tet (36" x 9" Mid, Sev) (Primal Scream x Whammer Jammer) The name says it all on this flower, a huge 9 inch orange to banana yellow blend is sure to shock you when you see it

(2017 Introduction) $100

I Never Said Goodbye

TET (28" x 8" Mid, Sev) (Odds and Ends x Suddenly Blue)I Never Said Goodbye is an important plant to me for patterned breeding as you can see the way the petals narrow in the throat to expose the sepals. This allows the sepal pattern to be seen. The lightly patterned purple eye outlined in pink sits on a pale purple background showing the light sepal pattern

(2017 Introduction) $150

The Lost Boys

TET (30" x 5.5" SEV, M) ((flamenco Queen X Destined to See) X Wild Blue Yonder) The Lost Boys will entrance you and take to Never Never Land. This dark purple beauty glows with a neon purle eye and yellow throat. The entire flower is surrounded with a white pencil edge and set off by a white to purple midrib that looks like it came from Tinkerbells wand.

(2017 Introduction) $125

Solar Mass Ejection

TET 24" x 4" Mid. (seedling x Seedling) A burning red small flower with a darker red eyezone is set off by the exploding yellow starburst midrib coming out of the brilliant yellow throat

(2017 Introduction) $90 DF

Lynette Kirton

TET 26" x 6" Mid Sev 6" (Etched Eyes x Suddenly Blue). Named for a special friend, this flower has it all. This patterned bitone beauty starts off with its yellow to green throat that is then surrounded by a purple patterned eyezone that moves out onto the purple pink base and then is finally surrounded by a dark plum pencil line.

(2017 Introduction Jewell/Bond) $125

Warped Reality

TET 34" x 7" Mid Sev (Paper Butterfly x((Edge of Darkness x New Journey)x Back Scratcher)). Warped Reality is an interesting show piece with its warped pinched and twisted petals and sepals. Its pink base is accented by a darker purple eye zone that hovers above its green to yellow throat. Both the petals and sepals show an almost pleated look giving this flower its distictive look.

(2017 Introduction) $100 DF

All prices listed are for single fans unless otherwise noted as quantities are limited. Double fans are shipped when possible. No phyto charge for US customers purchasing new introductions.