On Russell

We Just Keep on Growing.

Chiffon Prawn

Tet (32" x 5.5" DOR, Mid) (Bernice Watt x Seedling) From the depths of the ocean comes the Ciffon Prawn with its pinkish peach color. Wrapped around the ciffon prawn is its beautiful scalloped and serated edge. The pink midrib on this flower carries it beauty to the edge.
(2015 Introduction) $125

Elfin Love Spell

TET (31" x 5" DOR, M) (seedling x seedling) Elfin Love Spell casts an enchanting spell over you with its very open form. This form is important in my hybridizing lines to carry the pattern and make it visible on both petals and sepals. Elfin love spell is a light mauve bitone with a slightly darker eye and carries the mystical golden toothy edge.
(2015 Introduction) $100

Orange Is The New Black

TET 36" Mid Dormant 6" bloom. This daylily is the first introduction of one of my daylilies that are pushing towards the color black, the flower is a black cherry red with a black eye above an intense orange throat.
(2015 Introduction) $100

Outta Town Judy Brown

TET 32" Mid Season Dor 6" bloom. This beauty is named for a dear friend who receintly passed away. She had been long promised her own daylily. It's pale pink with a purple eye and purple diamond dusted ruffled edge is an artistic tribute to a creative and special lady.
(2015 Introduction) $125

Vulcan Mind Meld

TET 29" Mid Season Dor 6" bloom. Dark mind bending clean purle with a purple black eye and a slightly ruffled purple back edge, Vulcan Mind Meld will draw you in and open your mind with its hypnotic beauty.
(2015 Introduction) $100 DF

Wings Of Uriel

TET 32" Mid Season Dor 6" bloom. Uriel meaning "God is my light" is one the the archangels. This plant makes a powerful statement in any garden with its near white self color and the golden ruffled edge that surrounds the wings of this beauty.
(2015 Introduction) $100

All prices listed are for single fans as quantities are limited. Double fans are shipped when possible. No phyto charge for US customers purchasing new introductions.