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Other Tropical Treasures

There is always a group of plants that dont fit into a big category (that means we haven't collected enough of them for their own page yet). These are plants that are in collection and we actively grow and propigate when our plants are ready.

Rhipsalis Capilliformis

Also known as Old Mans Beard.This peculiar rhipsalis is pale green, its stems are characterized by its profuse ramification. It is one of those that offer a more pronounced hanging effect. The flowers are white as well as their fruits with yellow touches

Rhipsalis Cereuscula

Also known as Coral Cactus.This shrubby cactus is perfect for indoor-growers! Its bright green stems are not sharp, but grow long and thin, spilling out over the edge of container. Do not grown in full sunlight as too much sunlight can burn the leaves.

Rhipsalis Ramulosa

An epiphytic with flattened stems branching many times in an arched to completely pendant habit. Hardy zone 10-11 - filtered shade - turns red in sun. In summer to fall, small white flowers line both sides of the flattened stems or leaves, followed by white berries that resemble pearls.

Stapelia Scitula

A miniature version of the larger Stapelias. Throughout the year, scitula is adorned with small reddish star-shaped blooms. Free-blooming and at times prolific, this is the perfect plant for a sunny dry windowsill. Forgetful watering is a plus, as it needs some dryness between waterings to flourish.

Trachelospermum asiaticum

Noted for its tri-colored leaves Trachelospermum asiaticum is a medium sized evergreen shrub or vine with lovely varigated foliage. In summer it produces abundant clusters of fragrant flowers. Great for a hanging basket or used cascading out of containers.