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Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous Plants

As always we are trying something new this year, carnivorous plants. These plants are currently not for sale but we would like to share with you what may be looming on the horizon for your indoor gardening pleasure.

Drosera Capensis

Drosera capensis is found in marshy areas of the southwestern Cape region of South Africa. The species has many forms ranging from no red pigment to extra red and wide leaf to very narrow leaf. It is considered an easy carnivore to grow. The plant makes an excellent addition to carnivore collection.

Drosera Graomogolensis

This Drosera from the subtropical areas of Brazil. The subtropicals usually make the best terrarium and greenhouse sundews. They generally do well in a moderate temperature range of 10C to 35C (50F to 95F) and don't have dormancy or light cue requirements to survive long term. They may need light queues to bloom but you do not grow these Drosera for the flowers. Subtropical Drosera do tend to prefer higher humidity than is typical in houses.

Drosera Petiolaris

This Drosera is a Wolly type. The Drosera petiolaris complex sundews are found in northern Australia in a region with very high rainfall and temperatures in the summer and low rainfall but still hot temperatures in the winter. They appreciate temperatures in the low 30'sC (mid 80's F) during the summer and do not particularly like temperatures below 18C (65F) at any time. If you can provide the plants with adequate heat they are fairly easy to grow.